A fling

Hmm. After having added a new iPod Shuffle (with touch-screen), a 15″ Macbook Pro (w/SSD) and an iPhone 4G 32GB to my personal inventory, I think it’s about time to admit that I might have a thing for this company called Apple.

Next on my shopping list is the Nike+iPod training kit, and then it’s just to start running!

Damn, if only other companies could start focusing on actually making user-friendly devices, I would jump ship immediatly. But this is not the case. Since I’m an extremely pragmatic person, I will continue to use the things in my life that just works, as opposed to spending hours tweaking and configuring something that never will work perfect anyway.

An iPhone screenshot:

A picture taken using Hipstamatic, a retro camera for your iPhone:

2 thoughts on “A fling”

    1. IMHO not when it comes to having a working mobile phone. When it comes to operating systems, yes. But when it comes to having something which just works when I’m on the run, there’s no doubt. I may not know much about art, but I know what I like!

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