MacBook Pro, 2010 edition – now with audio out using Mini DisplayPort

In September 2008 I bought a aluminum 13,3″ MacBook (“unibody”). It was not cheap, but still it must have been the best purchase of technology for me – ever. The laptop – which I’m currently using to write this post – is small enough to use anywhere, and big enough to use for more than check your email (that did not apply to the 7″ 701 Eee PC I had a few years back).

No laptop will of course ever become “perfect”, and one thing I have been sorely missing from my MacBook, is the ability to use it as a full-fledged media center for my television/surround system. The MacBooks does not have an HDMI connector, but have went for the Mini DisplayPort instead, which haven’t supported audio out, only video. It does not help that the DisplayPort 1.1a specification explicitly states support for this when the hardware in the MacBook Pro does not supply an audio signal :-).

But now, as of 13th April 2010, this is no longer a problem. Today Apple launched their new line of MacBook Pros, which now supports an audio out signal in their Mini DisplayPort connectors.

Now I just need a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable (ordered), an Apple Remote (ordered) and a new i7 15″ MacBook Pro (not ordered), and I’m all set! :-D.

On a sidenote: I love Wikipedia. Since the news about support for audio out on Mini DisplayPort appeared today, Wikipedia had not been updated to reflect this fact. Well, since I knew all about it, it was my netizen duty to update that information!

Update 16apr10: This also got some press attention, both on the norwegian site and over at reputable Ars Technica.