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NRKBeta remix: Bybanen i Bergen, 8x FFWD

A quick remix of NRKBeta’s movie capture of the final route for the new city railway in Bergen (“Bybanen“). It was too long in regular speed, so I put it in 8x fast forward using iMovie and added a soundtrack to it (Night Train/Yello). Yagshemash, you like!? 🙂

I used the high-res torrent as source, so 1,8GB (for 3:36min) was uploaded to YouTube and is now available in 1080p (it defaults to 720p, however) for your viewing pleasure.

New fonts, but do you see them?

Face Typography Style by thehonor2I’ve just amended my WordPress CSS style sheet somewhat to now use a font normally not installed on your computer. This is accomplished by using the @font-face CSS tag, described in detail over at hacks.mozilla.org. I’m now using the font GrauBlau Sans Web from the nice people over at fonts.info, and I think it fits rather well. Gone are the serif-days at least :-). Hope you like it as well!

Well, whether you see the font or not depends on whether you use a browser supporting this or not. At the time of writing, the following browser (and versions) supports this:

  • Firefox 3.5
  • Safari 3.1
  • Opera 10.0

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