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Get ISP line speed over time

Recently I switched over from NextGenTel to Get as broadband supplier, and upped my subscription plan to 18mbps/4mbps (double upload). However, even though this was over double the bandwidth NextGenTel could offer, Get have yet been unable to deliver according to what’s promised/sold.

Below is a chart, updated several times a day, showing what the current line speed amounts to.

Well, for now it does not look vey good (18mbit equals 2250KBps) – I get under half of advertised download speed. Their tech support team is currently working on it, so hopefully they will be able to resolve the issue soon….

To test this, the following unix command is being used:

FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=yes /usr/bin/fetch -o /dev/null ftp://ftp.uninett.no/FreeBSD/releases/i386/ISO-IMAGES/8.1/FreeBSD-8.1-RELEASE-i386-memstick.img

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The wait

[…] The fact is that new MacBook Pro 15in is a gorgeous notebook to use. You can show me better benchmark results, without doubt, but in the real world this machine boots up quickly, runs smoothly, responds to commands instantly, operates quietly and performs slickly. It looks stylish in an understated way, and heads will surely turn when you place the machine on a boardroom table. In emotional terms, it’s the computer equivalent of stepping into the Cannes sunlight on a hotel balcony facing the sea while wearing a casual Armani suit, no tie. You’re telling yourself “I paid way too much for this” but you love every second of it.

Why, thank you, The Register Hardware, the wait has now become outright unbearable.

Perhaps this week?

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The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items

I decided to make the topic the error message, since it’s what people often are searching for when experiencing a problem :-).

Problem scenario: You’ve downloaded a file from t3h intranetz on your Snow Leopard MacBook, and opens the file (possibly a PDF or DMG file) using the Mac. Then you try to copy the file to your SMB/CIFS network share (Samba/Synology/QNap/ReadyNAS/{your NAS device here}), but get the following dreaded and dumbfounding error message:

The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items.

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MacBook Pro, 2010 edition – now with audio out using Mini DisplayPort

In September 2008 I bought a aluminum 13,3″ MacBook (“unibody”). It was not cheap, but still it must have been the best purchase of technology for me – ever. The laptop – which I’m currently using to write this post – is small enough to use anywhere, and big enough to use for more than check your email (that did not apply to the 7″ 701 Eee PC I had a few years back).

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FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE, ready for consumption – omnomnom!

Finally, after a few days of mirror syncing and documentation preparation, The FreeBSD Release Engineering (RELENG) Team finally decided to announce the availability of FreeBSD 8.0!

FreeBSD logo

The source code for 8.0 was got it’s final touches during the weekend, and on Sunday I had the oportunity to upgrade my server to the latest and greatest. After some upgrade jiffies conserning migration and upgrade of my experimental ZFS filesystem setup, everything seems to work without a hitch.

The only notable showstopper I know about this far is the breakage of the fxp network interface driver, which was not ready in time for release. This will probably be fixed within a week or two, I assume.

It’s a relief to have upgraded to ZFS v13, by the way. Finally I can start trusting my now nearly 3TB striped storage setup :-).

System information about the currently running system on my own server can be found at http://grimstveit.no/admin/phpsysinfo.

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New fonts, but do you see them?

Face Typography Style by thehonor2I’ve just amended my WordPress CSS style sheet somewhat to now use a font normally not installed on your computer. This is accomplished by using the @font-face CSS tag, described in detail over at hacks.mozilla.org. I’m now using the font GrauBlau Sans Web from the nice people over at fonts.info, and I think it fits rather well. Gone are the serif-days at least :-). Hope you like it as well!

Well, whether you see the font or not depends on whether you use a browser supporting this or not. At the time of writing, the following browser (and versions) supports this:

  • Firefox 3.5
  • Safari 3.1
  • Opera 10.0

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